Friendly atmosphere between employers and trade unionists in ARGENTINA GRAFICA 2010

A unique and characteristic of ARGENTINA GRAFICA 2010: employers and FATIDA union representatives dialogue, both of them united by the aim of boosting the national printing industry.

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The climate that permeates ARGENTINA GRAFICA 2010 is warmth and enthusiasm. One of its most obvious evidence: employers and union leaders of FATIDA - Argentina Federation of Workers in Printing, Newspapers and Related Jobs talk cordially together while go through the Fourth International Exhibition of Printing Industry and its Suppliers.

The spirit of camaraderie among business and labour, as well as between employers and employees of the plants, who visit the exhibition, is a unique and characteristic of ARGENTINA GRAFICA 2010. The Exhibition of Buenos Aires is also a unique window to show that capital and labour can share goals and interests as those of enhancing the national printing industry.

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